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spasticated's Journal

25 July
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<caption>say what?
i&apos;m in gryffindor! Blur, will never learn how to accept herself fully, whimsical, idiotic, stupid, says things without meaning them sometimes, bitchy but generally nice on the whole. Is trying to curb a bad habit of stuttering in front of people she's not very familiar with. Heterosexual. Slacks and procrastinates way too much. Full stop.


Ally Amy Bingz Brenda Cassandra Celine Char Christine Clarence Darren Debbie Dee Denise Faith Gina Gwacey Ilyana Jolene kaos-rule Kat Kerri Lilac Ling Mae Mercury Min Quirkii Razzie Rui Shiyu Trixie Weiye Winforce Wylde Yingyi Yining

Amanda is my pink partner-in-crime, Beat is my darling cousin, Bee is an alum of my school, Candice is my best friend!!!(<333), Charmaine is my arcade kaki, Charlotte is my darling junior, Cheryl is pretty and loves strawberry cheesecake!! Claire is a chiobu, Farhanah is a sporty gal, Fawn rocks, Germ has a totally wicked sense of humour, Jacq is very fun to talk to, Jasmin expresses herself through words beautifully, Jo is a cool lady, Kaishi loves
NYCB! Kerryn is a sweet gal, Kimberly is a very very nice person, Marianne is matchmaker, MY and I *attempt* to lose weight together :P, Navleen is one of my MRT gang members (*winks*) Rachel reads all my mags, Sandhya is MRT gang member #2, Shu Jing can eat 24 crabmeat sushi rolls at a go, Shu Wei oozes charm and musical talent, Simeng is the part-time MRT gang member, Simin is a really sweet and talented person, Steph Lim is a great person!! Winson destresses with Bacardi, Val-o must go to Sentosa with me one day, Yan An is cute but shy :P Ying thinks "Chao da!"


Obsession © Christian Coulson!
I love Padfoot!
I love Crookshanks!