az! (spasticated) wrote,


My sister and I went shopping for more Harry Potter merchandise yesterday :D
What we bought:
- Professor Dumbledore mini figurine ($4.00)
- Hermione doll with scented bracelet ($8.00)
- Harry doll with scented bracelet ($9.80 - this was purchased at Toys 'R' Us)
- Quidditch Stadium playset ($12.00)
- Diagon Alley Chapter Game ($7.80)
- Dobby Game Dice ($2.95)
- Aragog Game Dice ($2.95)
We made off with really good buys since most stores are clearing the stock and it's not gonna be easy to find them in the future. Over time they'll become collectibles too - my sister learnt the hard way what happens when you want to look for movie merchandise a long time after it's finished its run at the cinemas lol. *coughSHREKcough*
We spent over 1 hour (from 11.30 pm to 12+ am lol) tearing open those boxes, untying those twines and displaying those stuff at the cabinet. The end result? A tastefully-arranged display and a cut thumb suffered by yours truly, after the penknife accidentally slit it =/
We've taken pictures of the display and when we have time we'll upload them. And you haven't seen my collection of HP merchandise prior to that have you? ;)
PS: Would you believe it? We also captured television stills of Mark Chay receiving the silver medal at the prize-giving ceremony! :O:O
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