az! (spasticated) wrote,

they ain't got no taste =/

Checked out the proposed new choir gown today. All I can say is, the colour combination is butt-ugly. No offence here. But honestly, what were those 7-odd people who stayed behind to decide on the colour combi thinking??? Honestly, do you think white will go well with this blue-purple shade that you now see?
Picture this: You've got a long, flowing choir gown, complete with 3/4 chiffon sleeves. The main colour of the gown is this colour BUT the drawback's that the 3/4 chiffon sleeves are WHITE, paired with that shade of blue which you saw earlier.
Seriously, all I can think of is, don't that particular(read: NOT everyone) group of juniors have better taste? WH and I, as well as a couple of the other sec 4s(well, you can consider us sec 4s in a way now lol), were thoroughly voicing out our disapproval regarding the choice of colours involved. The colour combi of that gown's totally cringe-inducing, may I inform you.
And *she* was being pretty bossy ie. fighting her way through and wanting to stick to that colour combi(after all, she was among the others who chose the colours). Oh come on, she doesn't hold a position on the choir comm, unless you unofficially count in CIP co-ordinator(that's my post too :P) and yet she was being so outright and demanding just now? Gee.
Those juniors are just gonna regret their decision 1 or 2 years down the road. They could do with a crash course on fashion sense seriously. No offence there, really. This is the personal(okay, perhaps somewhat biased too) opinion of a disgruntled soon-to-be sec 4 choir member.
PS: Check out - coming your way soon! ;P
PPS: May I have your -ahem- attention please :) Do head on down to Ghim Moh Market this coming Sunday to support my friend Germaine and her team battle it out against another group of aunties in a bid to sell as many tau kuah as possible. Channel 8 will be filming this event too :D Please, do your bit and support her! Details can be found at her blog - click click.
You may have seen the trailer featuring them on Channel 8 :)

And another thing...SEA Games swimming finals tonight! It's always exciting, watching those swimmers - they literally make you hang on to the edge of your seat, cheering our fellow Singaporean competitors on from the comfort of our television screen.
There's another hottie I'm looking out for too: Filippino male swimmer Juan Carlos Piccio. I went crazy over him that time in 2001 ;) He's just got that cute nerdy look in a way lol. I know, I have weird taste ;)
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1. I think that lavender colour is UGLY. Very ugly. It's.not.normal.(in a bad way) If they want blue, it should be a darker blue.
2. YEY ENEMYSTER >D As DJ is the parody of LJ, ENEMYSTER is the parody of Friendster. -sits and waits- Friendster is being slow as sh!t.
3. What is tau kuah?
*high five* Gosh, what were those people thinking when they chose that colour?? Tsk tsk.
Friendster's being slow yes!! And I was just looking mark chay up on friendster ;P
tau kuah is something to do with tauhu I think :) I don't know whether it's halal or not =/


December 6 2003, 04:20:30 UTC 14 years ago

azlyn! the gown totally sucked. me, charlotte and the rest were so pissed off by the awful color!! it's so ewwww. and that lady keeps on insisting on her choice of colors, beads and stuff. she cant even speak english properly! BRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and when it was finalized that we used the new gown and no change of color, she was like GOOD CHOICE. wth. ahhh, i dont want to wear it NO WAY!!!!!!!!!! ur friend is in the ch8 show, the mission arh. uber cool! i wanna go buy tau kwa. yum yum!!!!!!!!!

Good luck to you and the rest since you'll have to purchase it =/ (optional for us sec 4s not going to italy hehe)
Yah yah! Quoting that woman, "This one you must wear sports BLAH cannot wear lacey BLAH!" She was conversing in Mandarin most of the time so naturally I couldn't exactly get what she was saying =/ Good choice MY FOOT!!! lmao shhh but i wanna kill those people who thought up of the colour combi man!
You'd be wishing you could stick with our current choir gown now lol.
Haha go support my friend and buy tau kwa!! :D:D


December 6 2003, 05:10:57 UTC 14 years ago

i TOTALLY AGREE MAN. THEY HAF SUCKY TASTE. -.- n they really nid a crash course on fashion sense n color combis. i bet ms ong has better taste than them in clothes. y cant they leave the choosing jobs to us, the nxt yr sec 4s. i bet we'll choose a much nicer gown lah. although we wun be the ones wearing it for a few yrs but we really haf much better taste. they'll REALLY REGRET. cant imagine the nxt yr sec 1s. looking the gown in disgust. n starts wundering y the sec 4s haf ssuch a bad taste to choose such a gown. -_-"
EXACTLY!!! Seriously, they should trust our judgement, we only want them to look good and not make a fool of themselves on stage!! :X:X And the colours so do not suit us!!! It doesn't make the gown scream, "TKGS!!!" Rather, gu niang(sp?) anyone? Sheesh. Stupid >.


December 6 2003, 05:36:50 UTC 14 years ago

enemyster? well.. they already have fiendster if u din noe..
Oh really? interesting :D
eh and you are? :P


14 years ago


14 years ago


14 years ago

My old costume was RED and GREEN with BIG OBIANG FLOWERS.

Consider yourself lucky ehhhhhhh!

Mine now is RED and BLACK.
Red and black will make a better combi than the current one really!!! hahaha.
haha .... doesn't sound nice to me. i don't like pale colours! although the lavender colour is really sweet and all, but i think the combi is kinda ..... *i can't find a word*. lol .. :P
kinda... weird right, to say the least? :P:P
hmm i don't think it's a bad combo of colors...but not for choir gowns! it should be something....better. like...anything. well, almost lol. that sucks =\
Yeah!! that colour combi's definitely a no-no when it comes to choir gowns urgh :X


December 6 2003, 18:53:54 UTC 14 years ago

firstly, answering to your question, the colour combination of white and the blue-purple shade doesn't look that good. Lolx..

- iMah @ Memorae.Org
I like my school's choir gown!! It's midnight blue :D :D But bleargh, that lavender thingy and white.. no go.
Yeah I was really hoping we could get midnight blue for the gown instead! :(:(
thanx, really <333
*hugs* :)


December 7 2003, 00:22:07 UTC 14 years ago

OH GOSH. nice description of the choir gown. dammit. it downright sucks. can i not go to italy? bleargh.
Sigh...hopefully they'll have a last-minute turnaround decision to change the colour combi of the gown. Enjoy yourself at italy ah :)
the moment i saw that colour...eww. it's so pale it's awful.
enemyster - haha that's good.
It's supposed to be a parody of friendster haha. There's also lol ;)
oohh!! i saw tat advertisement. tat dunno wad
"give me some tau kwa" that ger was singing right. ahhahaa lamee!!!