az! (spasticated) wrote,

Let the celebrations begin after sunset! :)

Last day of bulan Ramadhan! After that, it's PARTY TIME and HARI RAYA!!! I'm excited, definitely. And seriously, I'm glad I won't have to wake up at 4.30 am in the morning to have my meal... till the next year ;)
If I were to do an evaluation of the past month of fasting (amidst having to miss 8 or 9 days), I must say that the fasting month is a test of one's sheer determination and willpower, both physically and mentally. Physically speaking, you feel hungry and dehydrated and your body feels weak. Mentally speaking, your mind starts having insatiable cravings and it takes a great deal of willpower not to succumb and press on.
So the celebrations shall kick in after sunset! :D I can't wait to hear that Selamat Hari Raya song again lol :P I went to Geylang just now and you could feel the Hari Raya atmosphere setting in; the Malay radio station was playing Hari Raya songs and it really gets you into the mood, you know?
SELAMAT HARI RAYA!!! Maaf zahir dan batin alright? :)
Going out especially to __paradox, _farah, andalufire, arista_desiree, aszreh_flirt, baby_kevin, babywestlife64, bloodynemesis, eeezza, flakedsnitch, flexedwings, ili, irksome_kitsch, lady_kevlar, liza_cicak, mariana, minah_moto, power2rockme, shalinarain, shazreh, sir_shearer, skankwifme, spanktrue, tara_starr, th1rte3n, waddy_stuffy, Dee, Ilyana, Razzie and Farhanah!
I hope I didn't miss out anyone :P
Who to jalan raya with:
  • Fellow 3/5 Malay friends - Oh, and we'll go to Cikgu Ah-Eh Alena's house too! :P:P

  • Shahira, Ruzanna, Danial and the Malay class of '00 - Go to Cikgu Milah's house!

  • Choir mates - Izzati, Fatin, Adilah, Sharifah, Am and oh...liza_cicak!!! Come come!! :):)

  • Lalala. Nothing's gonna keep me down at this festive time of the year! :P:P
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