az! (spasticated) wrote,

We didn't go to Sentosa after all due to the weather =/ Besides, Val couldn't come. Some other time perhaps!
So me, Mari and Iain went to PS. Played at the arcade and watched Wishing Stairs. I personally thought that the movie was NOT scary at all, save for the sound effects. Not satisfying at all. Was quite buay song when I left the cinema actually haha. I'd say that The Ring or Ju-on's much more worth your money actually.
You know, I think I must be the most boring and stupid person around. Why do I say so?
Some of you may notice that I do tend to speak with a stutter from time to time ie. I stumble over the words I say, for no apparent reason. It's not that I'm nervous or anything. I just don't know what to attribute that irritating and bad habit to. I'd say that it started last year, out of the blue. The fact that I tend to speak too fast might have been the catalyst to it all.
And when I stumble over the words I say, I tend to say the stupidest things at the wrong time, giving others the impression of me being a bimbo.
I can't make witty comebacks at all, I can't speak well, I'm not gifted and eloquent when it comes to speech-wise matters. So when people talk to me I can only reply in a meek manner, reiterating what they say or just saying, "Haha."
I hate myself this way. And the worst part's that no matter how much I try to kick the habit I can't. It all comes flooding back at one point or another.
Yes, I write better than I speak. Speak well? Big joke.
But this can't go on forever. Somebody help me :(
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