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(Incoherent) Random thoughts running through my head:
  • I'm really scared I'll end up spoiling the spring in the battery charger one fine day if I continue inserting the batteries in a really hard manner.

  • Gilderoy Lockhart is an egoistic asshole. Yep, I'm rereading Harry Potter books #1-4 before I get started on Order of the Phoenix. (tsk tsk, I got that book way back in july you know!)

  • I seem to have regained the weight I lost. Damn :'(

  • So my family and I attended this outdoor concert at the Esplanade waterfront yesterday - if it actually interests you, it was this oldies band that was performing...the reQuests. Ask your parents; they might just know a thing or two about that band. And...
    1. Mdm Kong - my tuition teacher back in primary school.

    2.MADAM KHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!

    (she's the Operations Manager of my school, although she's better known as the one who'll scrutinise you and pull you out if you don't conform to the school rules...but she hardly ever books people!)
    I said "Hi" to the latter lol and she waved. I was like going, "Hi Madam Khoo...I'm from your school!" Not too sure whether she recognised me oops.
    I'm gonna sleep a workshop at NY to attend later.
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