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$0.02 - exploitation of women still continues

I went down to White Sands yesterday(no, I didn't play ddr *winks*) and decided to purchase a copy of this month's Female just to have a look at the contents inside.
Perhaps it was the cover emblazoned with the words, "I had 21 men in one night!" that caught my eye. Nono it's not what you think, but rather, an article on speed dating in Singapore.
Have yet to get to that article, but before sleeping last night, I read an article on the sex scene in Singapore; what exactly goes on behind those doors at the foot reflexology centres and hotel health-care centres?
Blow jobs and (oral) sex are actually offered at an extra charge behind those doors; while it is risky business in that the police can come barging in anytime, it remains profitable in the sense that it keeps those men coming in and as such, more money.
Then of course, there are the KTV lounges - the hot favourite. A Chinese national, working at one of them, was interviewed and she said, "I'm only in it for the money." She said that she did not find any enjoyment in her job at all.
Perhaps, some women are so hard-pressed for money to the point that out of desperation, they turn to such jobs. It's a quick fix to getting money, one might say, albeit dishonest. Of course, encountering sleazy men wanting nothing less than sex is the norm.
I couldn't help but feel that those women are exploited just to satisfy their male customers' libidos. And as we now know, a foot reflexology isn't exactly all massage and nothing else; the masseuses actually caress their male customers.
However, no matter how much we might say that such a woman is in it just for money, or that we can also say that she's cheapening herself, ultimately, it's her own choice to decide how to lead her own life.
And as long as all that sleaze remains a profitable business, we won't see an end to it all very soon.
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