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pre-tuition blues

Azlyn is currently feeling the pre-tuition blues -_-""
Yeah I am soooo looking forward to tuition...NOT! I suppose it's gotta do with the fact that I haven't attended tuition for 2 weeks already because last week's session happened to fall on the 2nd day of Hari Raya so I was excused from going ;)
Have yet to complete the homework Mr Khor gave us 2 weeks ago, which was actually due last week. Screw it. I can't answer like practically half of the entire paper. I'm such a loser gee.
What scares me is the fact that time is flying by, way too fast - it's almost surreal don't you think? 1 month into the holidays, and I haven't achieved nor done anything constructive. What have I been doing? In short, just slacking away.
I guess I don't really adhere to whatever goals I set for myself owing to my lack of self-discipline. I was *supposed* to start revising this year's syllabus actually; BIG JOKE!!!
So the seconds are ticking away, and more time's being wasted =/
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