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Speaking in segments

I shall divide this entry in segments seeing as to how they're not exactly related to each other.
1. Dinner at Sanur Couldn't go for the sec 4 choir farewell yesterday(sorry liza_cicak!) cos of a family dinner.(my maternal/Chinese side!) The food was relatively good :) The satay was delicious, the meat tender, and not concrete-hard until you fear that the stick's gonna really stab your tongue or worse still, your throat, if you continue gnawing at the meat any harder. My mom said that the bill went up to $577!!! I think there were around 17 of us in all.
And A-Da's girlfriend said that the way I ate was "very ladylike". Um, righttt. I beg to differ! *shakes head in protest*
2. What a small world I bumped into 2 online friends on 2 consecutive days without knowing that I'd actually done so! Darren said he saw me at City Hall on Wednesday. I was with Fatin, Jiemin and Char - we were on our way home. I did notice a group of RI boys when we were crossing the road but I had no idea that one of them was him!
And on Thursday, Clarence said he saw me at Orchard MRT. I did notice someone staring at me but as usual, I had no idea that it was him!
I couldn't recognise the both of them =/
3. When will we ever get to see her? Beaver's not sure when she'll ever return to Singapore in the near future :X Nadia, me and her are trying to squeeze in a day when we can go out for a final time before she leaves on Saturday but that'd be hard cos it's Hari Raya time. *sigh* But we'll have to see how.

Yep, that's it for now.
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