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Moved! [14 Dec 2003|08:12pm]
Time to say goodbye to this journal and move on.
For the past year and a half that I've had spasticated, I've enjoyed every single moment of it; this journal has seen me through my ups and downs, seen me cry, heard me whine and groan, listened to me talk, and the likes.
So now it's goodbye to this journal, and hello to another one.
Am not gonna post the link here, but rest assured you'll be notified about the change :)
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$0.02 - exploitation of women still continues [14 Dec 2003|09:10am]
I went down to White Sands yesterday(no, I didn't play ddr *winks*) and decided to purchase a copy of this month's Female just to have a look at the contents inside.
Perhaps it was the cover emblazoned with the words, "I had 21 men in one night!" that caught my eye. Nono it's not what you think, but rather, an article on speed dating in Singapore.
Have yet to get to that article, but before sleeping last night, I read an article on the sex scene in Singapore; what exactly goes on behind those doors at the foot reflexology centres and hotel health-care centres?
Blow jobs and (oral) sex are actually offered at an extra charge behind those doors; while it is risky business in that the police can come barging in anytime, it remains profitable in the sense that it keeps those men coming in and as such, more money.
Then of course, there are the KTV lounges - the hot favourite. A Chinese national, working at one of them, was interviewed and she said, "I'm only in it for the money." She said that she did not find any enjoyment in her job at all.
Perhaps, some women are so hard-pressed for money to the point that out of desperation, they turn to such jobs. It's a quick fix to getting money, one might say, albeit dishonest. Of course, encountering sleazy men wanting nothing less than sex is the norm.
I couldn't help but feel that those women are exploited just to satisfy their male customers' libidos. And as we now know, a foot reflexology isn't exactly all massage and nothing else; the masseuses actually caress their male customers.
However, no matter how much we might say that such a woman is in it just for money, or that we can also say that she's cheapening herself, ultimately, it's her own choice to decide how to lead her own life.
And as long as all that sleaze remains a profitable business, we won't see an end to it all very soon.
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[13 Dec 2003|05:43pm]
Choir was pretty fun today. Poor Charlotte got saboed by us in the end :P We locked her out of the Beethoven Room lol and then hid her belongings. Sorry hun! ;P
Am probably gonna play some DDR when I head on down to White Sands to buy dinner later...goodness, it's been a long time since I last went to the arcade! But of course, should the arcade be crowded no way am I gonna dance muahaha.
Thanks everyone, for your well wishes and support :) (I've locked up that entry - I don't exactly wanna make a huge issue out of it) For those who know about it, I trust that you keep it to yourselves too, thanks.
This is just a senseless post, so bye ...off to the piano :)
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[11 Dec 2003|09:29am]
Everyone, everyone!!! Please vote for my friend Jacqueline Goh, contestant F3, at the Clearasil Teens Ambassadors 2004 Contest!!!
Having known her for 3 years, I must say that Jacq is a really easygoing, friendly and bubbly person ...that's why she deserves to win this contest!
For more details of the finalists, click here
To cast your vote, click here
Do drop me a comment to inform me whether you've voted for her alright? Thanks, this is just a little favour I ask of you guys, since I promised to do *publicity* for her haha.
And Mari, Val and Iain - have fun at Sentosa today! Pity I can't come...next time we must all meet up again k? :)
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[09 Dec 2003|06:44pm]
The human mind is an immensely complex one, filled with an overwhelming myriad of emotions, whether incomprehensible or not.
Do you think I'm an easy person to read? The perpetual smile on her face, the laughter that erupts one too often at times, the happy-go-lucky personality, the craze and all that nonsense...what they perceive Azlyn to be.
But there's more than meets the eye.
Only so few have managed to delve deep into the core of my shell. Those who have done so would, perhaps, have uncovered a rather vulnerable and timid person, unknown to many.
And deep inside her heart holds a place for that someone who's able to make her happy. But are her feelings reciprocal? That remains in doubt.
She wants that someone to know how she feels. She wants to delve deep into his mind, and find out how he feels too. Then again, at the end of the day, it's always the fear of rejection that keeps holding her back. Maybe to a certain extent, she's not willing to swallow her pride and take the initiative.
Who? That's for me to know and for you to guess.
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pottermania [08 Dec 2003|11:00am]
My sister and I went shopping for more Harry Potter merchandise yesterday :D
Here's what we boughtCollapse )
We made off with really good buys since most stores are clearing the stock and it's not gonna be easy to find them in the future. Over time they'll become collectibles too - my sister learnt the hard way what happens when you want to look for movie merchandise a long time after it's finished its run at the cinemas lol. *coughSHREKcough*
We spent over 1 hour (from 11.30 pm to 12+ am lol) tearing open those boxes, untying those twines and displaying those stuff at the cabinet. The end result? A tastefully-arranged display and a cut thumb suffered by yours truly, after the penknife accidentally slit it =/
We've taken pictures of the display and when we have time we'll upload them. And you haven't seen my collection of HP merchandise prior to that have you? ;)
PS: Would you believe it? We also captured television stills of Mark Chay receiving the silver medal at the prize-giving ceremony! :O:O
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they ain't got no taste =/ [06 Dec 2003|04:11pm]
Checked out the proposed new choir gown today. All I can say is, the colour combination is butt-ugly. No offence here. But honestly, what were those 7-odd people who stayed behind to decide on the colour combi thinking??? Honestly, do you think white will go well with this blue-purple shade that you now see?
Picture this: You've got a long, flowing choir gown, complete with 3/4 chiffon sleeves. The main colour of the gown is this colour BUT the drawback's that the 3/4 chiffon sleeves are WHITE, paired with that shade of blue which you saw earlier.
Seriously, all I can think of is, don't that particular(read: NOT everyone) group of juniors have better taste? WH and I, as well as a couple of the other sec 4s(well, you can consider us sec 4s in a way now lol), were thoroughly voicing out our disapproval regarding the choice of colours involved. The colour combi of that gown's totally cringe-inducing, may I inform you.
And *she* was being pretty bossy ie. fighting her way through and wanting to stick to that colour combi(after all, she was among the others who chose the colours). Oh come on, she doesn't hold a position on the choir comm, unless you unofficially count in CIP co-ordinator(that's my post too :P) and yet she was being so outright and demanding just now? Gee.
Those juniors are just gonna regret their decision 1 or 2 years down the road. They could do with a crash course on fashion sense seriously. No offence there, really. This is the personal(okay, perhaps somewhat biased too) opinion of a disgruntled soon-to-be sec 4 choir member.
PS: Check out http://www.enemyster.com - coming your way soon! ;P
PPS: *ahem* Announcement, announcement!Collapse )
And another thing...SEA Games swimming finals tonight! It's always exciting, watching those swimmers - they literally make you hang on to the edge of your seat, cheering our fellow Singaporean competitors on from the comfort of our television screen.
There's another hottie I'm looking out for too: Filippino male swimmer Juan Carlos Piccio. I went crazy over him that time in 2001 ;) He's just got that cute nerdy look in a way lol. I know, I have weird taste ;)
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pre-tuition blues [03 Dec 2003|03:34pm]
[ mood | sian =/ ]

Azlyn is currently feeling the pre-tuition blues -_-""
Yeah I am soooo looking forward to tuition...NOT! I suppose it's gotta do with the fact that I haven't attended tuition for 2 weeks already because last week's session happened to fall on the 2nd day of Hari Raya so I was excused from going ;)
Have yet to complete the homework Mr Khor gave us 2 weeks ago, which was actually due last week. Screw it. I can't answer like practically half of the entire paper. I'm such a loser gee.
What scares me is the fact that time is flying by, way too fast - it's almost surreal don't you think? 1 month into the holidays, and I haven't achieved nor done anything constructive. What have I been doing? In short, just slacking away.
I guess I don't really adhere to whatever goals I set for myself owing to my lack of self-discipline. I was *supposed* to start revising this year's syllabus actually; BIG JOKE!!!
So the seconds are ticking away, and more time's being wasted =/

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black and white [02 Dec 2003|11:24am]
New layout (opens in a new window)
It's definitely a change from my usual style of layouts; this time, it's in black and white (my first time dabbling in only those 2 colours) and for another, it's somewhat abstract.
I pretty much like it though :)
Comments please :D
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saw bitch workhorse [01 Dec 2003|01:51pm]
My appetite has been grossly savage these days; I'm really worried I'll wake up one fine day and find out that I've gained ALOT of weight overnight :X
Partly because my period's late by 4 days?
Even then I've been eating helluva lot ever since the fasting month ended. Chocolates(we've got lots of them at home), brownies(2 whole tubs - and I've been devouring those slices everyday), kuih-muih e.g. cornflakes cookies, and most recently, tomyam-flavoured prawn crackers with my brother...how??
Amidst it all, I've been adhering to a new habit however: Drink as many cups of (plain) water as possible per day to keep skin hydrated I used to drink only around 4 cups of water per day, but now I'm at least meeting the minimum criteria of 6 per day :D
The countdown - ripped off from KristaCollapse )
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amigos para siempre means you'll always be my friend [29 Nov 2003|10:28pm]
Beaver returned to NZ today. Went to see her off, along with nadia, zhu han, prawnie, her other friends and family members.
Hugs were exchanged, as well as tears. I started crying when I hugged her, but in a way I did manage to control myself better this time, as compared to that time in April when she migrated. It's gonna be 2 years at the very least before she returns. Sure, it does seem like a very long time away. The 7 months she was away felt like an eternity before we got to meet up again.
But time will pass, whether at a slow or fast pace.
And I hope to keep in touch with her till then.
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kinky! [28 Nov 2003|10:56am]
I'm gonna die of hot sex OD with Harry Potter one day ;)Collapse )
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literally speaking [27 Nov 2003|07:19pm]
Yours truly went on a Harry Potter shopping spree just now and bought both HP vcds and a Hagrid figurine. Add in dinner at Delifrance. Considerably around $43 poorer now :(
Speaking of Spongebob Squarepants literally...
Kak Marhamah told me that her toddler children totally love Spongebob Squarepants(naturally, given their age) >> they actually attempted to draw his face on a sponge!! How cute right? :D:D
I'm going off soon to watch Harry Potter & The Philosopher's Stone :]
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[26 Nov 2003|12:42pm]
Mum's nagging at me cos I didn't bring in my cup to the kitchen after drinking -_-""
Hari Raya celebrations have been pretty good so far, although I'm eating much more than I'm supposed to. Yeah I can't seem to enforce self-control upon myself :( I'll *try* do so when we go visiting later.
Green packet earnings ($$$) have been pretty decent so far :) BUT I'll only get 2/3 of the total amount, despite my attempts to ask my father to up the amount ^^
Danial's leaving on a 19-day trip to Europe tomorrow!!! Lucky boy!!! *envious* I told him to get me postcards from Amsterdam and Austria. He said that I don't have to pay him. But I insist on repaying him the necessary amount :P
Btw: Thanks Kevin, Danial, Sharifah, Nadiah, Val and Chrissie for those Hari Raya smses! :) Plus the rest for your Hari Raya wishes!
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Let the celebrations begin after sunset! :) [24 Nov 2003|06:29pm]
Last day of bulan Ramadhan! After that, it's PARTY TIME and HARI RAYA!!! I'm excited, definitely. And seriously, I'm glad I won't have to wake up at 4.30 am in the morning to have my meal... till the next year ;)
If I were to do an evaluation of the past month of fasting (amidst having to miss 8 or 9 days), I must say that the fasting month is a test of one's sheer determination and willpower, both physically and mentally. Physically speaking, you feel hungry and dehydrated and your body feels weak. Mentally speaking, your mind starts having insatiable cravings and it takes a great deal of willpower not to succumb and press on.
So the celebrations shall kick in after sunset! :D I can't wait to hear that Selamat Hari Raya song again lol :P I went to Geylang just now and you could feel the Hari Raya atmosphere setting in; the Malay radio station was playing Hari Raya songs and it really gets you into the mood, you know?
To all my fellow Muslim blogger friends out thereCollapse )
Who to jalan raya with:
  • Fellow 3/5 Malay friends - Oh, and we'll go to Cikgu Ah-Eh Alena's house too! :P:P

  • Shahira, Ruzanna, Danial and the Malay class of '00 - Go to Cikgu Milah's house!

  • Choir mates - Izzati, Fatin, Adilah, Sharifah, Am and oh...liza_cicak!!! Come come!! :):)

  • Lalala. Nothing's gonna keep me down at this festive time of the year! :P:P
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    Speaking in segments [23 Nov 2003|06:05am]
    I shall divide this entry in segments seeing as to how they're not exactly related to each other.
    1. Dinner at Sanur Couldn't go for the sec 4 choir farewell yesterday(sorry liza_cicak!) cos of a family dinner.(my maternal/Chinese side!) The food was relatively good :) The satay was delicious, the meat tender, and not concrete-hard until you fear that the stick's gonna really stab your tongue or worse still, your throat, if you continue gnawing at the meat any harder. My mom said that the bill went up to $577!!! I think there were around 17 of us in all.
    And A-Da's girlfriend said that the way I ate was "very ladylike". Um, righttt. I beg to differ! *shakes head in protest*
    2. What a small world I bumped into 2 online friends on 2 consecutive days without knowing that I'd actually done so! Darren said he saw me at City Hall on Wednesday. I was with Fatin, Jiemin and Char - we were on our way home. I did notice a group of RI boys when we were crossing the road but I had no idea that one of them was him!
    And on Thursday, Clarence said he saw me at Orchard MRT. I did notice someone staring at me but as usual, I had no idea that it was him!
    I couldn't recognise the both of them =/
    3. When will we ever get to see her? Beaver's not sure when she'll ever return to Singapore in the near future :X Nadia, me and her are trying to squeeze in a day when we can go out for a final time before she leaves on Saturday but that'd be hard cos it's Hari Raya time. *sigh* But we'll have to see how.

    Yep, that's it for now.
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    [21 Nov 2003|06:39pm]
    We didn't go to Sentosa after all due to the weather =/ Besides, Val couldn't come. Some other time perhaps!
    So me, Mari and Iain went to PS. Played at the arcade and watched Wishing Stairs. I personally thought that the movie was NOT scary at all, save for the sound effects. Not satisfying at all. Was quite buay song when I left the cinema actually haha. I'd say that The Ring or Ju-on's much more worth your money actually.
    What I've been wanting to get off my mind for a long whileCollapse )
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    [20 Nov 2003|06:33pm]
    Went out with Beaver, Candice, Nadia and Khee Hoon just now. Time seems to fly by doesn't it? It's been 8 days since Beaver touched down and before you know it, she's flying back to New Zealand next Saturday :(
    I'm getting really sick of Orchard Road you know? But that seems to be the best place that you can actually go to hang out with your friends.
    At least I have the Sentosa trip with Val, Mari and Iain tomorrow to look forward to :D
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    [19 Nov 2003|06:22am]
    (Incoherent) Random thoughts running through my head:
  • I'm really scared I'll end up spoiling the spring in the battery charger one fine day if I continue inserting the batteries in a really hard manner.

  • Gilderoy Lockhart is an egoistic asshole. Yep, I'm rereading Harry Potter books #1-4 before I get started on Order of the Phoenix. (tsk tsk, I got that book way back in july you know!)

  • I seem to have regained the weight I lost. Damn :'(

  • So my family and I attended this outdoor concert at the Esplanade waterfront yesterday - if it actually interests you, it was this oldies band that was performing...the reQuests. Ask your parents; they might just know a thing or two about that band. And...
    Guess who I bumped into?Collapse )
    I'm gonna sleep soon...got a workshop at NY to attend later.
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    [17 Nov 2003|06:45pm]
    (edit) Lol you know what? I batalkan my wuduk by accidentally singing :P:P Incredible but true!! And I forgot to add - I threaded my eyebrows just now so they're all pretty and nice now :D (/edit)
    I want to clarify something. I'm NOT going to Italy. Sorry for the misunderstanding - when I said "consent form", I meant acknowledgement slip; ie whether or not I'm allowed to go there. Case closed :)
    My mother tunes in to Gold 90 FM 24/7 and that drives me crazy!!! Oh sure, oldies are really nice but when you hear Gold 90 FM all day, playing the same hits most of the time you start thinking, "God, can't she turn off the darn radio?!" And all I hear about is Lobo coming to Singapore, Lobo this, Lobo that. Pfft. K this is just a mindless rant.
    Lol, Beverly and I promised each other to keep in touch all the way until she relocates to Singapore at the age of 21. And from there we made a few pacts in the future: That I'll be her bridesmaid at her wedding and vice versa and that she'll be the godmother of my child and vice versa :):) I'm really blessed to have such a great friend like her, and I really hope that the flame of our friendship will continue burning strong.
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